Example of browserfleet configuration for live testing

webmate Live Testing

For debugging, access to live systems is indispensable. webmate provides live access to virtual machines, directly in your browser (no plugin necessary).

webmate Live Testing is Testing Infrastructure as a Service with over 300 browser installations available and many tools that make testing and development easier. Read more about webmate Live Testing (formerly known as "Browser Fleet") on our blog.

Free your IT department from maintaining your testing infrastructure! webmate Live Testing can be used free of charge for up to 15 minutes per day.

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Regression Layout Testing

When you release a new version of your web application, there is always a chance that you break something that goes unnoticed until a customer or your boss finds it.

A regression layout test compares the visual appearance of two versions of a page within the same browser - for example from production and a staging server. Like with cross-browser testing, the regression test is fully automated and focuses on significant, structural differences in the page layout.

By comparing two versions of the same page, this test type protects you against unintentional changes during development.

Example result of webmate regression layout testing
Example result of webmate cross-browser testing

Cross-Browser Layout Testing

Have you ever wondered if your web application looks the same in all browsers? This is not always the case, even for well-known web sites.

Cross-browser layout testing identifies parts of a web page that are not displayed the same across different browsers. This fully automated test focuses on structural differences in the page layout. After the test has finished, test results are displayed side-by-side. You can choose from more than 300 browsers for your tests. New browser versions are rolling in every week.

webmate cross-browser testing is free to use for a limited set of browsers. No credit card is required!

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